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Happy Friday, everyone!


As this is my first post, I thought that it’d be amazing to start with the tag “50 THINGS ABOUT ME” so you can get to know me better.


Well. HERE WE GO! 👴


  1. Birthdate:

July 11th, 1997.


  1. Eye color:



  1. Hair color:

My natural hair color is dark blonde or light brown. It depends on who you ask.


  1. Dark chocolate or White chocolate?



  1. Favorite flavor of ice-cream:

Crema Borracha (Drunk Cream). Don’t know what it’s made of…


  1. Have you ever gotten drunk?

Hell yes!! It happened in Senior High School. Some of my classmates and I got together in my apartment to have some drinks and —after that— we headed to school. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED! I puked so much that the headmaster had to call 911. I almost got taken to the hospital. I wasn’t sanctioned because I was an excellent student. DO NOT DRINK KIDS.


  1. Broken bones?

No and I hope that doesn’t happen.


  1. Last song you’ve listened:

Million Reasons by Lady Gaga.


  1. Do you sing in the shower?

It’s mandatory. 😂 😂


  1. Favorite color:

Blue. AH! And green.


  1. Are you superstitious?



  1. Do you take an afternoon nap?

Nope. Every time I tried to do that I’ve fallen asleep until the following day. I GOT ISSUES.


  1. Bed with or without a pillow?



  1. Do you play any instrument?

No, I’d like to learn how to play piano.


  1. Favorite number:

7 or 10. I haven’t decided it yet.


  1. Rainy or sunny day?

Rainy and very cloudy.


  1. Cannot tolarate:



  1. Favorite festival or party:

Any Reading Party (Even though I haven’t been in one but it sounds amazing.)


  1. Disney or Warner Bros?

Both. Why do I have to choose? 👀


  1. What was your childhood favorite toy?

Mm… I grew up in the countryside, so I didn’t have to many toys. I probably miss that: life in the countryside. Imagination has no limits in places like those.


  1. What’s the name of your teddy bear ?

I don’t have a teddy bear, so If you’d like to give me one, my phone number is… BEEP! 🙈


  1. What would you change in your life?

Anxiety. I’m working on it, alright? 💥


  1. Favorite movie:



  1. Storms… Do you like them or are you afraid of them?

LOVE THEM! (Okay. Now you probably think I’m crazy.)


  1. Something you wear all the time:



  1. What’s in your bedroom’s walls?

Nothing. I rent an aparment so I try not to destroy it…


  1. Drink:

Give me Vodka! 😂 😂 Just kidding! Coca-Cola is alright.


  1. A dream:

Make a living from writing. What basically means to reach the financial freedom doing what I love.


  1. Special person:

My mom.


  1. Best friends:

Brenda and Damaris.


  1. Your opposite:

What the heck is that?


  1. Something you did that it was worth it:

Publishing my first book.


  1. Pending thing:

Publishing more books.


  1. A summer place:

Anywhere with the person you love.


  1. A Winter place:

No place is better than staying in bed reading your favorite book.


  1. Phobias?:

I think I have tripophobia. EW! 👓


  1. Something/someone that/who meant a before and after in your life:

Telling the world that I’m gay. From that day on, I feel like I can be myseld without giving explanations.


  1. What do you miss the most right now?:

More work.


  1. A LOL moment:

Smart jokes that my boyfriend and I do.


  1. A sad moment:

Bullying in high school and that time when my biological father told me he didn’t love me.


  1. A mischief:

Oh! There’re so many! My sister and I broke a tractor once.


  1. A defect:

I talk too much.


  1. A virtue:

I don’t know. You tell me! 🐧


  1. A hobby:

I could say writing, but it has recently become a profession —which means that I don’t have a hobby. Oh! That’s sad! I’d love to learn Italian.


  1. Book you are currently reading:

Two Boys Kissing. I would’ve finished it already but I DON’T WANT TO! Best book ever. 💘


  1. A fruit:

Banana. 👅


  1. Favorite animal:

Cat, I guess.


  1. A piece of advice:

It’ll get better. It doesn’t matter what you’re going through, do not give up on life. It gets better, eventually.


  1. A message to the people who are reading this:

Every dream can come true if you’re passionate and work hard.


  1. This one is free:

I would also like Mi primer amor, un gran error to be in bookstores in México, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, etc. But that doesn’t deppend just on me. Help me. Write to publishers of your own country. Tell them that this book exists and that you want it.


Hope you have enjoyed this tag. Don’t forget to comment.


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8 comentarios

  1. karen gissella
    Apr 03, 2017 @ 22:42:29

    Super eres el mejorrr 🙈🙉🙊


    • Nahuel
      Apr 04, 2017 @ 16:46:44

      Gracias por pasarte 🙂


  2. Agus Lu (Inlibros)
    Apr 01, 2017 @ 17:21:38

    Me encantó el tag Nahuel, te conocimos un poquito más y hay cosas en que coincidimos y otras que no (las tormentas me dan miedo 😢). Seguramente tu libro se expandirá a más paises y llegará a muchos más lectores. Muchos besos 😘
    PD: ¿una virtud? Sos muy buena persona y muy divertido, ya te lo dije 😂


    • Nahuel
      Apr 01, 2017 @ 23:47:47

      Qué bueno😘
      PD: AWG 💗 Gracias!!! Lo mismo digo 👏


  3. Flor
    Apr 01, 2017 @ 14:59:35

    You have to learn Italian!! Ah re es hermoso 😍 coincidimos en algunas cosas *inserte emoji pensando *. Me gusto el tag y no me odies por nunca concretar la juntada! Me atacaron las primeras semanas de facultad y me aisle del mundo 😑
    Flor 🙂


    • Nahuel
      Apr 01, 2017 @ 15:32:50

      Ok! I will!!! No te preocupes. Ahora que saldrá la segunda edición creo que sería mejor hacerlo ahí 💙 👐
      Nos leemos!!


  4. MeliLá
    Apr 01, 2017 @ 11:55:33

    Me encantó!!!!! La 42 y 47 son lo +!!!! Seguí asi!!! (^_-) B-) 😉 😛 😀


    • Nahuel
      Apr 01, 2017 @ 15:30:35

      GRACIAS 💖 Me alegra que lo hayas disfrutado 😘😘